Welcome to KOKÚMỌ 

Come and explore KOKÚMỌ, the monthly history and science-related lesson subscription, which teaches African history through biographical sketches of Africans dispersed all of the world and those on the continent.  It also highlights lessons learned utilizing problem solving, critical thinking, and practical application techniques through science, technology, engineering, art, and/or math (STEAM).  

The KOKÚMỌ box comes complete with a history lesson, a STEAM activity, and at least two (2) memorabilia related to the subject matter.  The KOKÚMỌ box will arrive at your door each and every month filled with an interesting and thoughtful, educational lesson and fun gifts. 


The first subscription box will be sent out on or before September 20.  

We are currently in production mode to make the first subscription box and every subsequent box just so.  In the meantime, you may order the starter kit here  to supplement the lesson and activity you will receive in the subscription box.  PREORDER TODAY!